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  • Kelvin Umechukwu

    Kelvin Umechukwu

    Community. STEM. Startups.

  • Ozioma Ogbe

    Ozioma Ogbe

    Engineer, interested in software development and chess. https://oziomaogbe.com

  • Lucas Bruce

    Lucas Bruce

    Software Developer | Techpreneur | Evangelist

  • Falodun Bolish Oluwaseyi

    Falodun Bolish Oluwaseyi

  • Gabriel OGUNSUA

    Gabriel OGUNSUA

  • Alex Theedom

    Alex Theedom

    I share my knowledge of Java EE via my blog readlearncode.com, my book Java EE 8: Only What’s New leanpub.com/javaee8 & my Java EE courses on lynda.com.

  • Peace Itimi

    Peace Itimi

    My Mission in life is to Grow People and Grow Businesses. • I do Digital Marketing, I Train, & sometimes I write • Co-founder @renedigitalhub @mutareclan

  • Fortune Ekeruo

    Fortune Ekeruo

    Software Engineer

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